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Making Green Areas

In today’s world, which is under pressure of constant urbanization and modernism, every individual strives to the moment of rest and relaxation. Green oases are the perfect escape from the life fast pace imposed on us. The very harmony of urban life is unthinkable without these green oases. Each green corner is different and full of aestheticism and harmony in their own special way and that is the beauty of horticultural creation. But green space, landscaping of both large areas and the smallest gardens as well, the details of the exterior and interior design, are devised carefully and individually and represent the tendency of a man to more peaceful life. The architectural object can be copied, but not the garden! Tree, leaf and flower, even of the same kind in two gardens can provide a completely different experience. People have always enjoyed the beauty of the greenery and tried to create the atmosphere of ‘the nature in small’. This seemingly simple hobby has its own weight and requires expertise, if we want a really nice garden. But beauty must be helped primarily by proper selection of the species for a particular microclimate and soil composition, proper care and defense of all pests (entomological and phytopathological) by using adequate preparations. It’s all in the domain of expertise and extensive experience that we have.
On site, an engineer-designer meets your desires, habits, lifestyle, etc. We create the best solutions and make decisions about the style of garden (romantic, classic, natural or modern style). All this is essential to the feeling of comfort and relaxation in a newly – designed garden.
Embellishment of business environment involves landscaping of interior and exterior as well.
Enriched by decorative greenery and floral arrangements, the business environment is becoming one productive zone, the support in the work of employees and unforgettable memory to business partners.
The very area around public and commercial buildings is important not only for the image of a company and its business, but for the comfortable environment for employees, visitors and passers-by as well. We give the meaning to it, we design it and implement it carefully.
The balance of architecture and parterre is achieved by the application of complementary colours and structure of materials, proper selection of building elements (stone, slabs, concrete, brick, wood, etc.) – for paths and plateaus, which must be in good correlation with the architecture of an object and the environment itself.
We are proud of our numerous realized projects, large and small. We raise all categories of green spaces professionally and maintain them effectively. Landscape architecture is reaching a new level of creation both in the horticultural and aesthetic sense.