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Maintenance of Green Areas

Nature has its rules which must be obeyed. Light conditions, shadows, substrates, the height of buildings in the area, and even the interaction between a user and nature (plants ‘feel nurture and care’) provide various options. It is necessary to know the biology, matter and growing conditions for plants, the technique of planting and reproduction, care and maintenance measures, then the technique of planning and designing the space and finally, to possess a sense of beauty, a sense of space organization and art design.

Maintenance of green areas after laying greenery is the most important factor in the survival of seedlings. Seedlings and lawns after planting require intensive care, which is necessary in order to preserve the greenery. Intensive care includes regularly greenery maintenance for a period of one year, the necessary period when planting material adapt to the new environment with the use of agro-technical methods. The watering system has a key role in the maintenance of the green areas, because the success of this method is over 95% realizable. Perennial plants also need care in order to develop properly and quickly. In addition to regular and investment maintenance, our Company offers winter maintenance of sidewalks and parking space belonging to either larger or smaller companies as well. We are equipped with all the necessary technology for snow removal (smaller, bigger dredge, salt spreader trucks, etc.)