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Installation of Watering Systems

Sertifikat za projektovanje i ugradnju automatskih zalivnih sistema For automatic watering system, Cvetnik Ltd. has trained staff with Certificate in the design and installation of watering systems. Climate in our area is changeable, unstable and unpredictable. Due to variable weather conditions, with long dry summers and short winters, springs and autumns, the need for watering green areas has become necessary. Plants and grass need water at a certain time and in certain quantities. Manual watering the lawn requires a lot of daily engagement and certain time. Seedlings and grasslands must not be watered during the day in summer because of the temperature shock due to summer heat. Watering is done strictly at night or in the early morning hours when the ground temperature is lower and therefore the water consumption is much smaller. A certain amount of water is necessary for a nice green area which cannot be achieved by manual watering because some areas will always receive more and some less water, leading to the drying of green or the appearance of moss on lawns or diseases of seedlings. The solution lies in the application of automatic watering systems which will at any moment when it is necessary provide a sufficient amount of water to the green areas. Regular and quality watering of green areas is a guarantee for a nice, aesthetic appearance of wee-cared plants – flowers, ornamental shrubs and trees, grass areas, and all these green elements create a decorative environment in which one lives and works. Apart from aesthetic look, greenery progresses and develops faster maintained by watering system. We recommend to many our clients to incorporate a watering system and planting grass seeds for almost the same amount of money instead of forming the lawn using grass turfs. Neither the most beautiful nor the best lawns can be long like that without a good watering system.